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Event Mini Sites

What is a mini event website?

A mini event site is a simple one-page HTML website that has information relating to your client’s event. It has the who, the what, and the where to make it a useful tool for your clients. In addition, we have integrated some important features like a mailing list sign up, a link creator, a flikr image feed, his and her twitter feeds, Facebook commenting, Vend session linking, Flaunt session linking and so much more.

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How are photographers using these event websites?

Photographers have been using these mini sites for numerous occasions. The sell them to their clients for weddings, bands, etc. they have even used them for their own workshops. All of the features really allow for flexibility.

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How can I make money?

Each mini site is priced so low that your return on each investment should be huge. First, use it to up-sell a package worth hundreds of dollars more or sell a mini site as an add-on. Second, use the Flaunt add-on link in the site as a showcase for your work. Third, use the Vend photo cart add-on link in the site to ensure that more people will have the opportunity to purchase photos from the event. Fourth, take advantage of the mailing list and the website content to make sure people know who you are.

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Is this a big time commitment to set up?

No. The backend options are simple and clear. You should be able to invest very little time in getting a site up and running. You will probably spend more time selecting the photos you want to share.

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How do the themes work?

To lower your time investment, we decided to create a few themes to start with and add more as we go. Every time you purchase and install a new mini site, the latest themes will be included. You will be able to change the them in the backend of that particular mini site with a simple drop-down menu.

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Mailing list sign up

Friends and family can sign up to receive more information, updates, and changes to the upcoming event including when you posted the latest gallery or photo cart to check out.

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Count down clock

Each template comes equipped with a clock that counts down to your clients big event. This clock is time zone sensitive so you can set it to the appropriate time of the event.

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Image header

At the top of each theme is a great place to add images of your clients that you took. You may want to add a watermark or a credits graphic to let everyone know who took these amazing images.

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Add Vend & Flaunt

Seamlessly integrate your clients Vend and Flaunt session into the mini site. Allow people to see their engagement photos and then come back to purchase photos from the main event.

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Flickr feed

Have fun with the Flickr feed and ask people to #tag photos that can be pulled right into the mini site. This is great for baby pictures of a couple, or photos from your last workshop.

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Facebook commenting

Get more people to join the conversation with Facebook commenting. Now friends and family can leave comments at the bottom of the mini site that post to their wall.

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Important links

Add all of the important event links right at the top of the mini site. This is a great place to link your website and your blog so that everyone can know who took all of the great photos.

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