Hours & General

We are available Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm Pacific. If you need to mail us baked goods or some sort of snail mail, we can be reached here: PO BOX 462, Higley Arizona 85236.

Contact Us

We want to provide you with fast, accurate, and efficient support. To do this, we utilize Zendesk's support software. We respond to support tickets by next business day or sooner.

If you really, really need a call from us, just submit a ticket and we'll schedule a call with the appropriate agent.

What are your hours of support?

We are open Monday – Friday from 9am -5pm (Arizona time).

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is to submit a support ticket. Please provide as much detail as possible because this ticket is assigned to an agent that specializes in your specific issue.

When will you respond?

We try to answer all tickets that come in before 4:00 Arizona time within the same day. The latest you can expect a first response is the next business day.

Do you have any phone support?

Yes. We have restricted phone support to out bound calls requested in tickets. The reason for this, is that it allows our phone time to be dedicated to helping people that really need it. We found this to be the most efficient use of our phone support.

Why do you use support tickets?

We like a support ticket system because it creates a history of the issue. It allows us to share tickets with other agents and solve problems more effectivly. It also allows us to review each agents performance to learn and grow as a team.

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