What is the SOCIAL BAR?

What is the Social Bar?

The Social Bar is a new feature that allows your Intothedarkroom website template to properly function with social networking “like” buttons. In addition, the Social Bar can show your last tweet and recent blog posts.

What are “like” buttons?

Social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ have released these “like” buttons to act as recommendations that can be shared in your community.

Why is this important?

Social networking “like” buttons are becoming a huge part of how we find products, services, and new companies. It is so important, that Google has been hinting that it will effect the future of search engine optimization.

Does it cost anything if I already have an Intothedarkroom template?

Nope. If you already have a template, just run an update and you can use it if you want to. If you purchase a new template, it will be included as a free feature.

Why is this a big deal?

Intothedarkroom just accomplished an industry first...scratch that. We did what the rest of the development world said was IMPOSSIBLE. We created a Social Bar that will allow for social networking “like” buttons on individual pages of your Flash website. In addition, our Social Bar will display your recent tweets and your blog's RSS feed making it the most social Flash website available today. This is our solution for transforming wall-flower sites into social butterflies.

Watch the VIDEO and learn why we were able to do this.

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