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How much is the Flaunt slideshow?

Our membership plans range in price and provide you with hosting and access to all of our products. As a member, you will have the flexibility to add/change/install any of our websites, blogs, photo carts, slideshows, etc. Pick a plan that works best for you and get started today. Learn about our membership plans.

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Is there a limit to the number of slideshows that I can make?

No. It is virtually unlimited. Basically, if you have room on your server you should be fine. However, overloading your server is not the best idea. And it is also good to clean house every once in a while.

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Is it easy to brand?

We simplified the design to make customizing of the visuals easier than ever. You will be able to upload your logo, change the colors, add a background image, etc.

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Can I have large images?

Yes. The images auto size down to fit the browser for best viewing. However, you still must crop your images and save them web ready at the maximum image size (around 1600 x 1200 pixels).

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Can i upload hundreds of images?

Hmmm. Not sure, because we do not feel that a linear slideshow is the best format to look at 100s of images in one sitting. Our recommendation is to crop/prepare and load approximately 25 to 50 of the best images and share those with your client.

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Can I embed my slideshow into HTML?

Yes. The product now comes with embed code that can be used in most HTML code. Remember, Flash does not allow for embed codes, but your HTML blog might. However, this will restrict the size and not take advantage of the large image feature.

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Can I time the music to the images?

No. Most of our clients felt that they were “not getting paid to do video production” and wanted a quick way to get images up on the web. Therefore, we eliminated that complexity for the benefit of easy to use.

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Is there a favorites feature?

Yes. Your clients can flag images as their favorites and send them to you via the slideshow system.

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Can the Flaunt slideshow play videos?

Yes. This is one of the newest features that we offer to the mix. This slideshow can not only play video, it can play both video and images in one session. The video is treated like another slide: It loads, plays, and then moves on to the next slide (video or image).

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Can I add a password and expiration dates to each client set?

Yes and yes.

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Can I link to a photo cart?

Yes. You can link to any photo cart that you use as long as it is on the web.

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How is Flaunt different from competitor's products?

The idea behind Flaunt is to have a beautiful looking slideshow with large images and music in very little time. Other products require a lot of setup and work. Our philosophy, is that you are getting paid to shoot photos, not make slideshows. So if you want to time each photo to the music and make them spin in and out, this is not the slideshow for you. If you want to upload a bunch of images, add some music, and call it a day...Flaunt is going to be your best friend.

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