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How much are your websites?

Our membership plans range in price and provide you with hosting and access to all of our products. As a member, you will have the flexibility to add/change/install any of our websites, blogs, photo carts, slideshows, etc. Pick a plan that works best for you and get started today. Learn about our membership plans

Can you set up a website in less then 1 minute?

We are so glad you asked. We tried to see how fast we could set up a website with an album page, a bio page, and a contact page. We prepped all of our content, logged into the backend, and hit the clock...


Can I brand my photography website?

Yes. Our products allow you to add your logo, colors, backgrounds, etc. However, we do not allow for layout changes. Our philosophy is to make great designs that just need minor brand changes. We would rather you spend your time shooting then coding.

How many pages and buttons can I create?

Virtually unlimited. Let me explain…there are different types of pages (splash page, contact page, info page, info list page, gallery list page, and album page). You will be able to create unlimited info, infolist, gallery list, and photo album pages. You will also be able to create as many main and sub navigation button as you can fit. Watch the video above to see how pages are created.

Do you have any HTML sites?

Ha! We were the first in the industry to deliver a true HTML5 site. Even our Flash templates have an HTML layer that made them search engine optimized from day one. So, yes...we do have HTML sites.

Can I add music, video, and are they social ready?

Yes, yes, and yes.


Are your websites search engine optimized?

Yes. All of our photography website templates are optimized for search engines with white hat standards giving you a jump on the competition. All that is left to do is for you to write rich content.

Can you help me SEO my website?

We are so glad you asked. We recently took the time to build a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy guide for you to download. To learn how to how to SEO your website click here.

We have also build a video library that takes you step by step through the backend of the website to ensure that you do not get left behind. To see the video support page click here


Do your websites work on iPhone/iPads?

Yes, our sites work on iPhones, iPads, and numerous other devices. Even our sites that have Flash are built in a way that allows mobile devices to see a fully branded HTML website keeping it a consistent branded experience.

What do I have to do to set up my mobile site?

Nothing! Once you populate and brand your website, it will naturally display on mobile devices. There is no additional work required by you.

What is responsive design?

Device responsive design is the latest trend in web development. Our HTML5 sites (not our Flash websites) dynamically re-size and reorganize the content to fit the mobile device you are viewing it on.

HTML5 (only)

Can I add custom fonts to the HTML5 website templates?

You can either use the fonts we added, or upload your fonts right into the backend. This brings your more customization than ever before.

How flexible is the HTML5 template's contact form?

We build a brand new contact form experience that allows you to build out a custom form with new types of fields including a calendar, multiple choice, and required fields.

Can I add a mailing list to the HTML5 websites?

We have integrated with some of the most popular mailing list platforms including Mad Mimi and MailChimp. Now you can effortlessly build your mailing list.

Can I add video to the HTML5 sites?

Our video function allows you to use an embed code our upload numerous video formats delivering a consistent experience across all browsers

Can I have clean URLs with the HTML5 sites?

Yes. This takes our search engine optimized websites a step farther with clean URL that can only be accomplished with HTML.


Do your Flash websites have an HTML layer?

Yes. This is why these website templates are both mobile ready and search engine optimized.

Are your Flash website templates Search Engine Optimized?

Yes. Our photography websites utilize "white hat" SEO methods and a probably the most SEO Flash websites in the industry.

Are your Flash websites mobile ready?

Yes. Every one of our Flash website templates has an HTML layer that is displayed on a device that can not run Flash (ie: mobile devices). This layer is similar to the Flash layer and is branded with your logo, colors, etc. In addition, there are no extra steps that need to be taken, because it uses all the same content and settings from your main site...because they are the same site.

Can I change the fonts on the Flash websites?

Because of the nature of the Flash layer, you can choose from a series of fonts that are in the backend. You can not upload your own font.


How are your websites different from competitor's products?

We are continuously updating our products to have the best technology. Our websites were the first to be mobile ready, the first to be truly search engine optimized, and we release more design in one year then most of our competitors have released in the last 5 years.

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