Top 10 Fun Facts

We bet that you did not know all of these fun facts about Intothedarkroom. People find the last one the most surprising.

10. We started by accident.

We creating a slideshow for Jay Reilly. He showed his friends and 30 days later we had 100 photography clients.

9. Before Intothedarkroom...

We developed web projects for clients like Logitch, Nike, & Bristol-Myers Squibb. We've even developed movie websites.

8. Jay Reilly can see the future.

Jay Reilly told us to develop blogs because he said it was going to be huge. He also birthed the idea for the 1st horizontal blog.
7. Word spreads fast.
We created over 500 custom blogs, sites, & brands for photographers including Audrey Woulard and Chenin Boutwell.
6. Who's the big winner?
Michael Sablone (founder/ Sr. Developer) has accepted nominations & awards from all over the world for his web skills.
5. Not great at pushups.
Although we are web ninjas, it does not mean that we are great at pushups. The company record is currently at 40 pushups.
4. We went remote.
Just like many young companies, we took our office remote giving our team the freedom to work from wherever they desired.
3. Wordwide love.
We have clients in almost every part of the globe. Our most concentrated clients outside the US are FR, AU, CA, and MX.
2. Our support is faster.
Zendesk reports that our average first response time to a support tickets is 50% faster than other web development vendors.
1. Childhood friends.
Anthony Ronga & Michael Sablone (the founders of Intothedarkroom) have known each other since second grade.
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