It is official. If you do not have a responsive mobile website by April 21st 2015, it is going to affect the Google ranking of your photography websites. In a Google announcement today, Google reveals that mobile devices are so important, that they warrant a change to their search algorithm. So what do you need to know?

1. Your photography websites or photography blog need to be mobile-friendly. This means that the website design changes format to match the device they are on. Read our article called “What is responsive design?” to learn more.

2. Google has prepared a tool that will allow you to test if your photography website or photography blog is mobile-friendly or not. All you have to do is type in your URL and click the analyze. It takes about 2 minutes to find out if you passed. Click here to test your site.

3. You have until April 21 of this year to fix this problem before your photography website’s ranking starts to drop. However, we have noticed that Google has already started changing their search results.

4. All of our latest HTML5 photography website templates and photography blogs pass the test with flying colors. Take a look at the screen-shot above to see the test results from our latest photography website template called Brooklyn and our popular photography blog Dorado.

Do you want to make a switch to one of our HTML5 templates? Just start your free account and test drive them today!