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Oh yes. Instead of churning out the same design over and over, we instead focus on building and maintaining the most solid, cutting edge products for photographers. Since technology changes so often, so do our products. Whether you host with us or you host it yourself, all of our products come with free updates.
All our products are priced at $150 -- with the exception of Ruby, it's only $50. Self-Install product purchases only include the ability to install and update the product and receive a product key to do so. Server-side technical support and 3rd party hosting support is not included in the purchase price of the product.
Host with us, and all your technical support needs are on the house. Host by yourself, and we'll just be under the assumption that you know what you are doing when it comes to technology and hosting. If needed, we can offer technical support for a variety of self-install activities for industry-standard developer rates.
Managing your own hosting isn't easy. FTP, cPanel, DNS, registrars, email -- those are hard! Perhaps becoming an Intothedarkroom member would better suit your needs - we do all the migration and technical setup, and dealing with technical issues is a thing of the past. You get access to all our products and installing and managing them is as easy as a few clicks.
Looking for more specifics on Vend? Online proofing is a complicated ordeal -- but our photo cart is up to the task! Expand your arsenal with Vend and Ruby: a high powered photo cart and a beautifully simple slideshow. Mobile ready, digital downloads, flexible payment options, and a focus on security make Vend the finest proofing application available.
Want to see all of our sites and blogs in action? Head on over to our demo listing website where you can explore all fifteen of our products live and working. All our sites and blog themes are fully customizable, HTML5 and our blog themes work right within Wordpress. Kick the tires on all of them to see which one works best for you and your brand!
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