Hosting, Your Way
These days, it seems every website needs a monthly membership fee to get started. Not us: we've been installing websites on 3rd party hosting platforms since 2009. The real question is: how happy are you with your hosting company? If they are treating you well, that is great -- if they are a hassle perhaps it's a good time to re-think your hosting strategy. Did you know that we offer super-fast, super modern cloud-based hosting?
Enhanced Stability
We distribute everything across the cloud, so your site is always powered by the most recent hardware and software available.
Real Backups
We backup incrementally, and unlike other providers that will charge you restore fees, you can browse and restore at your leisure.
Faster, Global
We are on a 10-Gbit network with datacenters in the US, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, and Finland.
ZFS file system
Most shared servers have a limitation on inodes -- the number of files you can have. Not us! When we say unlimited, we mean it.
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