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Michael, in particular, is always very prompt, thorough and friendly with his support.
Michael was super helpful in guiding me through my blogsite installation. He quickly answered all my questions and was clear with his responses. I really appreciate the time he took to guide me through it all step by step. . I'm sure I couldn't have set it up without his assistance. Thanks for the great help!
Awesome service!
Michael and Lisa were both very helpful and addressed all my concerns quickly, directly and thoroughly.
Support was outstanding, thanks very much!
Very quick to respond to this particular ticket - thanks!
Thanks for your help Michael and your prompt reply
Top custimer service. I am very happy and most of all very thankful for the quality of custumer support
Really fast response. Very polite and fixed my problem straight away. Thanks so much.
Fantastic customer service and support. I was dealt with I'm a timely manor and felt a had real support from the ITDR team both Lisa and Michael gave me the problem and who i should contact to resolve it. Thank you
Very prompt! Great service.
Awesome as always
My only wish is that someone would have told me on day one that I needed to pay for the support and then it would happen immediately. It took four days to get to the point where someone told me I'd need to pay for the fix. I'm happy to have paid but wish it would have come before potentially causing me Google ranking issues.
Many thanks to the staff. Got my problem solved quickly. would recommend "inthedarkroom"
Thank You.
Michael , the man himself, helped me quickly. ITDR rules.
Excellent. I was stumped and concerned and within a couple days all was fixed. Thank you, thank you.
I'm beyond satisfied! Every time I've needed support from Into the Darkroom I have received exceptional support.
I'm SO impressed with the service I received by Lisa and Anthony. Absolutely top notch in everything!!!! I can't thank them enough for all their hard work. I haven't stopped bragging about Into the Darkroom to my friends. Thank you!!
MIchael was a life saver!! He responded within minutes and patiently helped me resolve the issues ASAP. I kept amazingly well last night knowing everything was fixed and back up. Thank you so much!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!
Exceptional support! Super fast response, even after business hours. Immediate resolution provided. Couldn't be any better.
A1 support as always. Friendly and professional.
great experience, easy and friendly
easy, friendly, smooth, fast
Always a help in time of need
Michael has helped me on many occasions. He responds quickly and communicates clearly in a friendly and professional manner. He always provides a timely solution and clear cut directions.
I love ITDR websites - lots to customize, helpful videos, the upgrades are always wonderful but the customer support is beyond awesome! Thanks so much for helping me this week! Your quick response was so appreciated. Thanks for everything!
Love the quick response!!
It's good ! Thank you
Thank you
I appreciate your fast response in getting this and my other issues taken care of. I appreciate it!
Always great courteous and professional support. Much appreciated.
Great customer service. Thank you.
Anthony, thanks for your help. Very valuable.
Michael help me so quickly.

You guys are the best ever! THANK YOU!
Support is out-of-this-world AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
It was perfect and very quickly ! Thanks.
Always satisfied! thanks
The questions that Lisa asked helped to lead me to the answer on my own, which worked out great. One issue I had was that I filled out the initial request form with all of the login and FTP info in the designated box that was separate from the question box, however this info was not relayed to Lisa, only my question was relayed to her so that I then had to resend all of the info that I had already entered in the first form. Not a huge deal, but hopefully an easy fix for you guys. Thanks for your help.
Excellent help as usual!
I received very quick replies and I was able to ask an unrelated follow up question without submitting a new ticket which was great! I was surprised at how great the service I received was without having to do a live chat or call.
As always, the quality of support I received was excellent. Michael was incredibly helpful and communication was exceptional. Thanks again!
Awesome and speedy, love your help team!
Very quick especially since it was the weekend! Thanks!
Response was is horrible with little to no communication throughout unless initiated by the client. No thorough execution of the task at hand which was evident when the client was told that the task was complete when in fact it wasn't. It took a week to resolve a simple issue that should have taken 1-4 hours.
Michael responded quickly to my request and was quick with a solution.
As always, the quality of support I received was excellent. Michael was incredibly helpful and communication was exceptional. Thanks again!
Fantastic! I'm very satisfied!
I think I worked with a whole bunch of different people on this problem, which then turned into a few other problems, but all were very nice and helpful. Thanks!
Anthony was extremely helpful and very efficient with his responses. Thanks!
Developers and support staff worked with me to resolve the issue and went out of their way to accommodate my request. Thank you very much! Great support.
Michael was awesome in helping my get my issue straight!!!
Michael was AWESOME! Extremely quick to help, very knowledgeable, friendly, made me feel assured that the issue would be resolved. Also, did I mention how quick he was!?! You guys are the best! Thanks!
I received amazing service - Thank you so much for all of your help!
I really appreciate the fact that you went ahead and updated my software when I couldn't get your system to accept my FTP info…although I'm still mystified as to why it wouldn't accept it.
Sehr schnelle Lösung!
Very fast response and resolution, top stuff!
The support was amazing. I am so happy with all of the help I received on my new website and how quickly all my questions were answered. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!
thank you
Great service and fast
Customer support is ALWAYS exceptional !
Prompt replies. Very helpful. Good customer service manners.
Very good service.
We managed to solve all my problems and am very happy with my website and blog.
It's not Brad I'm not satisfied with, it's the result of the inquiry. It's that there is no resolution to my problem that I am unsatisfied with.
Brad was great in getting my issue resolved quickly! Thank you!
Really appreciate that you stuck with this until the issue was identified and solved. Thanks again!
The delay to get an answer was way too long and the answer provided was not relevant.
I'm sorry I have to say that... Maybe the fact that french support is closed made the work more difficult for english support.
I´m happy with the service and support, I always get a professional, kind and friendly answer. However, sometimes (not this last one) I have to wait for hours to have a reply and if I have another question after your answer, I have to wait again, which makes it very frustrating. It would be great to have live chat support or to have a number to call to. Besides that, all great, I love your products and your professionalism is superb!
Brad was very helpful and solved the issue with my blog. I appreciate all the help!
Very helpful and responsive. Thanks for figuring out the issues I was having!
Brad was great. He needs a raise. I was so frustrated with my blog site issues and he took the time to clear them all up. Two thumbs up!
Great support! Fixed everything super happy with it all! Thanks!
LOVEEEEEEE the customer/technical support with you guys!
Great, hands on service- one of the main reasons I love doing business with your company.
Hello, I'm really satisfied of your support, exept the first answer, certainly because I didn't well explain my problem who was I can't upgrade because there is a problem and not because I dont know. Exept this, I have nothing to say against the support who was fast (when I gave a fast answer) and good. Perhaps it was nothing for you but a big problem for me. Thanks again
Always fast and helpful!
Awesome support! Thank you so much!
In a world where great customer service is becoming a thing of the past, ITDR is a hearth of fresh air. I have used customer support on at least 3 occasions and ITDR staff were kind, patient and hung in there with me until the issues were resolved. My most recent issue involved a URL change that was out of my control. Because of the lack of response from another company my site was down for several days. Once the new URL was functional ITDR worked with me until all of my product with them was fully functional. They responded to each question I had in such a friendly and patient manner. There were no excuses or run around. They simply worked until the issue was fixed. I don't ever see going anywhere else for my photography website needs. Ever. Thank you to a great group of people and a great business. I would recommend ITDR to anyone!!
Thank you for the help!
It tales a Long time to have an answer. Sometimes you font have an answer.
I have problems because I can't receive email from my contact page and I still waiting for a solution.
And this is the way my clients contact me so I'm
Loosing money everyday and nobody tell me anything.
The ticket says it all.
Brad is always a great help! He's assisted me a few times through the life I've had my blog.
I absolutely love the product and the service I get from Into ITDR. Im not too good around web design so its extremely important to me to have someone I can depend on to help me out. I will be upgrading our sight again this summer.

Thanks, all is well
Always a pleasure to work with your support team!
Thanks very much for your help. I am impressed by the prompt response to a new problem.
Ticket sat for five days with no response so I finally took matters into my own hands and solved it with the assistance of my hosting provider.
Brad is always very helpful. thank you!!!!
For me, the support from ITDR has been exceptional. I haven't had a lot of questions but when I have the answers have been timely and have always solved the problem. I am very pleased by this!! Still learning to use ITDR but I love it!!
On a scale of 1-10, the service was an 11. ;)
Brad and Lisa are wonderful again as always. I know I ask some of the basic of questions about my blogsite and they are always very patient. Thank you again so much!! ~ Angela
Response time was great. I fixed the problem on my own. I probably should have bothered you guys, but the service was good. I had a simple question also and that was answered quickly as well. Thanks!
great customer service as always. Thanks!
Excellent support! So glad I made the switch to Into The Darkroom.
Good support. Quick & helpful. We couldn't solve my problem but that has nothing to do with the CS.
Very good
Always great! Thanks again.
As always the team at Intothedarkroom is excellent and works until the issues are fixed (issues usually caused by my ineptness!!).
Well, I have to say, we got off on the wrong foot, but as it turned out, it was actually me. Customer service were actually quite polite and patient with me while I discreetly took my foot out of my mouth. So, I'm happy so far and have no reason to think things should change.

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