Ruby Slideshow

No unnecessary frills. No cheap tricks. Just a simply elegant slideshow.

The versatile little slideshow.

Play full screen on a desktop, swipe on an iPad, and adjust for maximum image space on an iPhone.


Add your colors & logo.


Built with the future in mind.


Upload your MP3s


Can I brand Ruby?

Yes. You can add your logo, font, and specific colors. We streamlined the backend design panel to give you enough options without making it overwhelming.

Is there a limit to how many slideshows I can make?

There is no limit to the number of client slideshows that you can make with Ruby. In fact, it is so quick and easy, that you will probably make one for every new client that you have.

How many images do you recommend per slideshow?

We have upload 500 images successfully. However, we are not sure that a client can sit through 500+ images in one slideshow. Most of our clients cap their images to 50-100 per client.

Can I add a password and expiration date to each client set?

Yes and yes.

Can I link to a photo cart?

Yes. You can link to any photo cart that you use as long as it is on the web.

Is there a login page for my clients?

Yes. Your clients can be linked directly to their slideshow set or you can link them to a page that allows them to find their specific set

Can I watermark my images?

Yes. We have true watermarking. Basically, you can upload a logo or image, adjust the opacity, and adjust the placement of the watermark.

Can I setup passwords and expiration date for each client set?

Yes and yes.

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