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How much are your photography blog templates?

Our membership plans range in price and provide you with hosting and access to all of our products. As a member, you will have the flexibility to add/change/install any of our websites, blogs, photo carts, slideshows, etc. Pick a plan that works best for you and get started today. Learn about our membership plans


Do I have to create a database for a new blog?

Members: If we are hosting your product, our system creates the database for you. We wanted to make this as painless as possible.

Self hosted: If you are installing on your own server (Self hosted), then you will be responsible for database installations.

How do I know if a plugin is compatible with your blogs?

Membership: Since plugins are created by 3rd party developers, they can be security risks or break the templates. Therefore, to make it easy on you, we have approved plugins that are tested and mother approved.

Self hosted: Since plugins are created by 3rd party developers, we can not be sure if they are going to work with our template. Fell free to install the plugin and if it doesn't break the template, you can use it.

What if I already have a blog?

If you are using a Wordpress blog, you will be able to use or import the existing posts and images. There might be some adjustments you will have to make via the template, but it should work fine.

Can I get in and change the code of the blog?

No. We release regular updates and features to our template themes and any change to the code will be wiped out upon update. So, even if you could modify the CSS, we don't recommend it.

Can I move the blog once it is moved?

Members: Yes, our system makes it very easy to move your blog from folder to folder on your URL.

Self hosted: No. Once the product is installed, it can not be moved to a new location. This includes moving it to a new folder or URL. So make sure you think about where you want the product to live and install it there. If it needs to be moved, you can contact us and for a small fee we can assist you.


Can I brand by photography blog?

Yes. Our products allow you to add your logo, colors, backgrounds, etc. However, we do not allow for layout changes. Our philosophy is to make great designs that just need minor brand changes. We would rather you spend your time shooting then coding.

Are the blogs search engine optimized (SEO)?

Blogs in general are very SEO-friendly, but we go the extra mile to make sure we have implemented all the proper SEO techniques into our blogs.

Can I make unlimited pages?

Yes. You can make unlimited pages in the backend of the admin.

Can I make portfolio pages?

Yes. Our Blogshow product will allow you to make portfolio pages. Please see FAQ below.


What is Blogshow and is it included?

Blogshow is a WordPress plugin that allows you to showcase your photos in numerous ways in almost any WordPress template. You can embed Blogshow into pages and posts with both images and video. Want it to auto play? No problem. Want it to have thumbnails? No problem. BlogShow is a flexible plugin that is perfect for portfolio building in WordPress blogs.

Yes. Blogshow is included with your blog.

Can I bulk upload images via Blogshow?

Yes. Everyone hates uploading one image at a time in the backend of WordPress. Just to post one post with 20 images can take FOREVER. Not any more! Use Blogshow to bulk upload images and cut your time down dramatically. Watch this video and see how in one minute we uploaded and published 21 images to our blog post.

How can Blogshow help me upload and organize images?

Are you annoyed at WordPress’s clumsy file-uploader-slash-image-insert … thing? How much fun is it to upload — and to make matters worse, insert — 20 images one at a time? Does your workflow go like this - click upload, select files, get lost, repeat 20 times, give up? And then all your images across the board all get lumped into one mess of a “Media Library” — gah! Trust us, we’ve seen the alternatives — clunky, overcomplicated, and they just don’t make it easy when you are uploading double-digit images to every post. You are a photographer, right? Blogshow makes uploading images to your posts/pages a snap! Bulk uploading means you can upload all your images in a single shot, and they automatically get neatly organized into named groups. Uploading one image is just as easy as uploading 50. Then you simply insert into your post, and you’re good to go. Update the images/captions anytime, and the changes take effect immediately without you having to dig around your post or looking through your Media Library.

How can Blogshow help save bandwidth?

And once you’ve uploaded all your images, what are you left with? A blog post with 20-30 images in it that people have to use their browser scrollbar to navigate them with. Since when did the browser scrollbar become the first-best navigation mechanism we could come up with? It’s time to do better than that. Blogshow wraps all your images into a clean, professional, and elegant Flash slideshow. It’s easy to use, loads instantly, and requires a fraction of the initial bandwidth than posting all your images at once. Slideshows not your thing? Fine by us — you can choose to disable the slideshow feature, and embed your images in your posts just like your used to, all the while reaping the rest of Blogshow’s organizational benefits and ease of use.

Is Blogshow RSS and mobile ready?

Maybe you’re a step ahead of the pack, and you’ve gone on to use things like PhotoBucket, Flickr or any of the multitude of 3rd party slideshow systems. But what a hassle! You have to login to a completely different website, upload your images there, copy and paste embed code into your blog — and then to add insult to injury, they smother the entire slideshow in their own logos and branding. Then comes the realization you’ve now alienated all of your RSS subscribers since RSS readers aren’t going to display Flash. And I think we all know Apple’s stance on Flash … It”s ALLLLL good! Blogshow is seamlessly integrated with WordPress so there is no back and forth to different websites, and the best part is that it’s RSS compatible, feeding RSS readers images from the slideshow, and breaking any slideshows down to individual slides for non-flash mobile devices and tablets. So when we say 100% user capture, we mean it. We’re talking WAP phone accessibility here. We’re talking Linux accessibility. Blogshow rocks the iPad. If it can render an image, BlogShow will deliver one.


How are your blogs different from competitor's products?

We are not a "blog building platform". Our goal is to have a design that looks good "out of the box" so that all you have to do is add logo, colors, and start blogging. We would rather see you spend your time shooting and leave the designing to us.

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