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Yup. We know.

You want something modern and simple. You want to launch your website quickly without having to be a web developer. Oh - and you don't want to pay monthly fees for your photography website. Yup. We know...


Layouts are superior.

We've ditched the ridged theme concept. Instead, we offer numerous pre-designed content sections that can be added and re-organized into any layout combination that suits your needs.


Multiple launch options.

You can start from scratch and build your own layout, modify one of our pre-populated layouts, or choose a layout and simply swap out your images/text/logo.


No more renting.

Pay for your photography website and use it on your server for as long as you want. Use the built-in CMS to control your layout, content, and branding.


We're using it.

This website is built on the exact same platform that we are offering you. The platform had to be powerful enough for ITDR to use for our own website. We not only stand by our platform, we use it!

Built with the same platform.

Our platform allows you to build a photography website from scratch using any of our pre-designed content sections. You can also the layouts below. We built these layouts to help you launch faster.

Take a tour.

Watch our video tour and get a better idea of what it is like to use the ITDR website platform to build your next photography website.

Pricing & Questions
How much do the websites cost?
The photography websites are only $149 each and include all of our current pre-designed content sections, three fast track layouts and one year of free upgrades.
Do I have to use your layouts?
No. You can start from scratch, build each page by choosing your content sections, arranging them in the desired order and populate them with your content.
Can I modify your layouts?
Yes. You can install one of our layouts and either use it as is or modify it by adding/removing content sections and pages to make a unique layout.
What are the upgrade fees?
For the first 12 months, you will receive all feature upgrades to the platform at no additional charge. You will have the option to extend your 12 month license for only $49.
Where is the site hosted?
If your current hosting meets our requirements, you can host the website there. We can also recommend hosting that starts at only $90/yr and has everything you need to host one of our websites.
How many pages can I create?
You can create one website with as many pages as you like. In addition, there are no restrictions on the amount of content sections you can use within the pages as well.
Join our Live Launch Parties.
In addition to support tickets and how-to videos, we have live group Q&A sessions (Launch Parties) where you can ask questions and get help with your website setup from our support team.
Ready in 3 steps.
You don't even need hosting to get started. In just 3 steps you can be setting up your new website. Once we confirm payment, our system will assign you a license and place the website in a temporary location so you can begin right away. Then, when you are ready, we can help you move your website to your domain and hosting.
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